Bad Habits and Potency

Habit is something that person repeats with a certain periodicity, not always realizing why he does it. Bad habits traditionally include smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. To determine exact line between addiction and periodic use is sometimes very difficult. Imagine that before you there is a choice – either to lose your favorite habit (to drink, smoke, etc.) or permanently lose potency and orgasm.

It seems that many will choose the first, assessing for themselves importance and significance of the second. The question is, why do we arbitrarily deprive ourselves of pleasure of being a man? We constantly harm our already battered body? And after discovering obvious signs of the disorder, we are not being treated, we ignore problem, believing that everything will disappear by itself. Such arrogance leads to the fact that a man loses almost the most valuable quality for him.

Harmful Effects of Alcohol

Bad Habits Influence on erectile functionAlcohol is one of the oldest habits of mankind. Some biologists claim that it came to us from distant ancestors-monkeys. This statement suggests that the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages is of animal origin, so we have animal instincts.

Alcohol affects reproductive system of men in three directions at once:

  • kills testicular cells;
  • reduces number of normal spermatozoa;
  • disrupts interrelation of brain and genital organs.

As a result, blood gets insufficient amount of hormones, which should cause full erection.

Frequent use of alcohol, even the most expensive and quality, directly affects ability of men to commit sexual intercourse, i. e. causes erectile dysfunction symptoms. In particular, men are affected by this influence after 30 years. Higher doses lead to difficulty in ejaculation and weakening of erection.

A particular danger is represented by beer, especially in large quantities. Beer has toxic effect on the body. This effect is combined with huge amount of fluid, which gives load on heart and kidneys. In addition, beer contains analogues of female sex hormones, which affect reproductive system of men.

Alcohol often accompanies love games, giving courage to partners. But excess alcohol can play a cruel joke to a man at the most crucial moment, this should not be forgotten.

Potency and Smoking

Since childhood, we are taught that smoking is poison, and it is dangerous for health. Everybody knows about this, but they prefer to forget these lessons.

From smoking virtually all body systems suffer – from cardiovascular and respiratory to sexual. Ultimately, tobacco abuse can cause infertility and erectile dysfunction.

As shown by research of British scientists, products of tobacco burning disrupt blood circulation in penis and sperm production. Spermatozoa lose their precious ability to fertilize. Therefore, families in which there is a smoking spouse, before conception of a child should give up cigarettes! From constant smoking likelihood of developing prostate cancer in men increases.

According to some reports, in men who smoke sexual activity is half of that of non-smokers, more than 80% of men with sexual disorders smoke.

So, evaluate yourself whether smoking is worth sacrifices you bring to it! Quit smoking now to have normal erection and live full sex life!

Sex and Drugs

Drugs are the most dangerous enemies of men. They not only inhibit sexual reflexes, suppress production of hormones, but also prevent normal erection.

Narcotic drugs have poor effect on sexual centers, violating sexual desire. It is believed that drugs enhance sexuality, in fact it is just an illusion and self-deception.

In many men, after prolonged use of drugs, sexual function is no longer restored.

Other Bad Habits

Recently, such habits as gambling have become relevant. Some men experience unconscious dependence on gambling (playing cards, roulette, slot machines, etc.).

Gambling excites nervous system, makes blood run in the veins faster, from which the body produces a lot of adrenaline. But it is spent, as a rule, on psychological pressure and expectation of a prize. If you calculate how much sexual energy a man spends on a game of poker, you get a number equivalent to THREE sexual intercourses. So remember, by gambling you to some extent deprive yourself of sex.

Permanent everyday games on computer distract attention of men, forcing them to focus on moving game figures. Harm from these games is manifested in «freezing» of organism in the same position, which causes violation of blood circulation, so important for good potency. As you know, movement is life, and it’s hard to argue with that.think about you health

Bad habits are not in vain called that way because they harm the body. They can bring into our lives vivid impressions, cheerful mood from intoxication, become an impetus to some actions. But their consequences have not yet benefited to anyone.

Of course, one must fight with bad habits. But this is a very difficult matter. And what to do if our own habits have affected our potency? We offer a simple solution: try drugs to increase potency! They do not lead to addiction and in most cases safely for the body provide effective treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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