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obsessionThe rapid tempo of living makes people be in a hurry everytime that’s why we even do not relax at all. Stress, obsession become our best friends. How should we act in such a way? Antidepressants are somehow the way out, different placebo you may find on the web site of “Canadian Health&Care mall”. It is a rather famous pharmaceutical company shipping drugs internationally.

Today we will speak about obsession as you may guess. Obsession is known as the notion of compulsive thoughts, ideas or imaginations which are involuntarily arising through different time span. Being under such similar installations causes a distress (a long negative stress). Obsession exists in pure form or are combined with compulsion which represents forth putting. Sometimes against the states of obsession phobias, or irrational fears may develop.

The reliable reasons which would explain an obsession origin, at the moment don’t exist. However there are some hypotheses shedding light on obsession emergence. They are biological (includes diseases and anatomic features of vegetative nervous system and brain), genetic (in this case obsession is based on the increased genetic concordance), psychological (according to this hypothesis the notion of obsession appears at the character or personality accentuation, under the influence of family, sexual or production factors, and also as a result of sociological and cognitive theories influence (for example, severity in church education)).

Obsession can strengthen after a physical illness, flu, childbirth, and also during breastfeeding. Their emergence, as a rule, suddenly, and varies duration from short-term flashes to long chronic states. The corresponding treatment which includes etymological (eliminates the reasons injuring the patient) and pathogenetic (effectively influences pathophysiological links) therapies helps to get rid of obsession. One of good obsession treatment methods came from cognitive behavioural therapy. This therapy includes the idea that person let know what his fears and troubles are truly right and what aren’t proved at all. It is the so-called analysis of all persuasive images and thoughts and their differentiation on real and caused by a disease. Over time the patient can get rid of obsession completely. From other treatment methods it is possible to apply expositional psychotherapy, hypnosis, autogenic training, and also methods of suggestion and autosuggestion. Psychoanalysis may be also used as a way of treatment. Drug treatment of obsession includes antidepressants intake, tranquillizers, antipsychotic drugs. As it was mentioned above all these drugs you may order via “Canadian Health&Care mall”.

The physical therapy is also recommended to patients: friction, heat baths, the aired room, cold compresses on the head, electrophoresis, bathing in sea water, a darsonvalization. At an obsession syndrome work therapy, travel, interesting occupations, good rest, and also reception of vitamins and minerals is recommended. It is possible to fight against an obsession, as a rule, having learned to control its manifestations though it is rather difficult, and difficulties in training in control over a state arise both at patients, and at attending physicians.

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