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And now let’s get down to business, the topic of the article is traumatic brain injuries.

Mechanical injuries of brain bones of varying severity belong to the separate section of medical traumatology – traumatic brain injury. Today the brain injuries complicated traumatic brain injuries are at the top of the list of the most widespread traumatic damages leading to a full or partial invalidization of victims and to a fatal case. According to official data of medical statistics traumatic brain injuries is in advance in comparison with oncological and cardiovascular diseases and are on the first place among the reasons of mortality of employable population aged till forty five years.

The most widespread consequences traumatic brain injuries is the disorder of normal brain disturbed circulation, as a result, leading to partial or full loss of brain functions. To return to fulfilling life and to rescue the person who suffers from traumatic brain injuries, first aid has to be delivered immediately. And sometimes and decisive, the correct actions the first minutes after a trauma are the most important.

Injuries of soft tissues are subdivided into two main types: – the closed injuries (hemorrhages, hematomas, bruises); – open (wounds).

Classification of traumatic brain injury looks as follows: closed traumatic brain injuries are characterized by injuries of a brain and a cranium without change of bone structures. The open traumatic brain injuries are subdivided in turn into two subspecies: – getting (with the violation of integrity of firm brain covers conducting to post-traumatic infection of brain fabric); – not getting (with lack of violations of integrity of firm brain covers). Types of injuries of traumatic brain injury: – concussion; – brain bruise; – squeezing of a brain. Traumatic brain injury are classified by severity as follows: – easy degree : bruises and concussions of a brain of easy degree; – average degree traumatic brain injuries: bruises of a brain of average weight; – heavy degree: bruises of heavy degree and squeezing of a brain.

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